How Societies Have Changed Over Time 

The financial crisis that is experienced by most societies nowadays is a symptom of our current society’s malfunction. However, financial crisis is only one of the many discrepancies that are currently happening in the society. A lot of individuals are aware of this change and transition that is happening on the ground. A new era is here. The educational system is one of the manifestations of these changes. Educating people is based on the kind of working environment they will be working on. However, jobs that exist a long time ago may not be applicable in the current society. Or even if these jobs are still existent, chances of grabbing these opportunities will be relatively low. Educational system that we have today are boxing people in.


The current society is also paralyzing the minds of it people. The society is cultivating the minds of the people to never be wrong because being wrong would create a trickledown effect to the society in the future as whole. This makes creativity die in vain. Because of this, people are fearsome of thinking out of the box. The system of society that we have today is programming clones which are burdened with finances and other monetary issues. Society needs to realize that we have changed in a great expense and therefore, it must mitigate the changes it faces.

Here are a few characteristics that the modern society has:

  1. Knowledge is vast. 

Knowledge and information can be easily accessed in our society today. The internet has revolutionized the way we do research and share information to one another. In fact, there exist open courses or that education that is given for free. All you have to do is own a PC and be connected with internet.

  1. Transparency is overrated

Business failures because of poor management, a celebrity slipped her way to the loo, everything is easily accessed and people around the world will know this information even in a split second. This is how transparency goes beyond the vision of the previous generation.

  1. Financial Crisis is Spreading

Because there is financial crisis everywhere, most people are recreating society. A lot of individuals are confused why some of the citizens actually protest. The way people protest is changed through the revolutionizing of the internet.

  1. Old organizations don’t function anymore

Since everything is changing, old organizations and groups of the previous time are already nonexistent. Jobs are being lost and opportunities that people once had is now absent because of the changes happening on the ground.

The world is changing, so as the society. What the people need to do is to always adjust to the changes that happen everywhere. In order for them to adapt and mitigate the effects of these changes, one need to be resilient and one must always prepare a plan B in order to survive in the long run. At the end of the day, the only constant thing happening in this world is change and nothing will ever be the same. Everything evolves, thus, one must always adapt to these changes.


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